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SINKRO Ensemble,

Ensemble Sinkro is an instrumental performance group that works on innovative projects and pays particular attention to integrating sound and image, and the acoustic and stage space. The incorporation of new components from other artistic disciplines such as dance, theatre and video has provided an array of very different perspectives during its recent history. The group also specializes in the field of new technologies applied to contemporary music composition.

One of Ensemble Sinkro’s key objectives is for composers’ and performers’ work to be reflected in proposals specifically designed for each concert, complying with the diversity offered by the music of our day, created and performed by musicians committed to new artistic trends. Its concerts combine sound and visual elements in works that seek the audience’s complicity and interaction. The shows contain a mixture of instrumental works, electroacoustic works, improvisation, dance, video and theatre.

Today, Ensemble Sinkro is the group in residence of the Sinkro Electroacoustic Music Festival and the Carmelo Bernaola International Music Festival. In these areas, it develops projects with composers and performers working to create and disseminate new works in order to incorporate them into the contemporary repertoire. At the same time, it has established itself as an international meeting point and its work is performed in concerts in Europe, Latin America, the US and Asia. To document its projects, it has released a new CD collection with his own label: Sinkro Records.


X Circuito Musikagileak: Xare Laborategia en San Telmo

Xare Laborategia protagoniza el 21 de noviembre a las 20:00h, en San Telmo de Donostia, un programa heterogéneo con música de compositores jóvenes. El conjunto vasco abordará obras de Jagoba Astiazaran, Mikel Chamizo y Mihai Murariu, nacidos los tres en los años ochenta, y los estrenos absolutos de cinco compositores nacidos en los noventa: Jon Bienzobas-Pagola, Mikel Iturregi, Alejandro Gwynn, Diego Sabio y Paloma Vírseda Bravo.


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