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Sapere Aude Sinfonietta,

Sapere Aude Sinfonietta (SAS) presents itself as a conclave for music professionals, where the personal experience and the evolution of musicians receives the value it deserves. The music created in the form of an orchestra would render the listener with an unparalleled experience.

The culture of music provides a means of social recreation, as an integral right of the society. The main objective of SAS is to be a chamber orchestra offering a circuit of concerts in different towns of the province. With this, the culture of music would be brought not only to the metropolitan cities but also to smaller towns and that everyone would have the opportunity to listen to live orchestra, at least once a year. The concerts would consist of musical pieces that are not performed by symphony orchestras in larger concert halls. The idea is to bring music of a professional level closer to the public. This would cater to the public as well as the attending musicians who form Sapere Aude Sinfonietta.

In addition, Sapere Aude Sinfonietta (SAS) is also in charge of the organisation and management of the educational Klarinete Maratoia, an original project run independently as well as in collaboration with different entities. The SAS-Akademia has been created for the delivery and running of activities with musical content in order to promote musical culture as an indispensable means of social development.


X Circuito Musikagileak: Xare Laborategia en San Telmo

Xare Laborategia protagoniza el 21 de noviembre a las 20:00h, en San Telmo de Donostia, un programa heterogéneo con música de compositores jóvenes. El conjunto vasco abordará obras de Jagoba Astiazaran, Mikel Chamizo y Mihai Murariu, nacidos los tres en los años ochenta, y los estrenos absolutos de cinco compositores nacidos en los noventa: Jon Bienzobas-Pagola, Mikel Iturregi, Alejandro Gwynn, Diego Sabio y Paloma Vírseda Bravo.


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